Warrior is a film currently running in theaters around the country.

A story of two adult brothers and their father trying to come to grips with the reality of their brokenness, resulting from a father wound that ran deep through abuse and alcoholism. The story comes to its climax, remarkably, when the brothers find themselves competing against each other in a mixed martial arts arena, literally, fighting out their hurt, anger, and hatred that has plagued them for years. Like many, that father wound resulted in two boys seeking approval of their father, wanting to be loved, and yet finding themselves in a home where nothing was ever good enough for him forcing them to leave and living with the pain of unresolved broken relationships with each other and their father.

Anyone who has struggled with the father wound in their life knows the challenges of finding that reconciliation and redemption that is needed to grow from being a boy into a man. Most men are not immune to it; many choose not to deal with it. Yet, the path to healing in anyones life is the path of suffering. We all must be willing to “enter the arena” as these brothers do and confront the pain that exists; as much as we may fear it, it truly, as our faith teaches, is the path to redemption.

If you have the chance to see the film, it is worth the time, especially if you find yourself in their place of needing that redemption in your own life for any hurts that remain.


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