I am afraid of you,
your vastness, depth, power;
afraid to enter,
afraid of being swallowed up and made a part of you.

So i walk the shoreline.
i can still hear you; i can still feel you; I can still taste you.
I test the waters.
No immersion of the body
for I am afraid of you.

My feet get wet.
I walk away.
I distance myself.
I bury myself in the sand and wait.
I am afraid of you.

Afraid of what you can and will do;
afraid of having my breath taken away;
afraid of being pushed to the depths of the earth.
I am afraid of you,


5 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. I almost drowned at Virginia Beach when I was in the fourth grade. A priest who was boogy boarding saw me and saved me. I was caught in the undertow and was not strong enough to battle. I have never gotten past this moment and rarely spend time in the ocean or the bay … in fear. I can be in a boat, but do not enjoy swimming. THe priest’s name is Fr. Fred and he is in a nursing home in Richmond, Virginia.

    • Yes…there is something very mysterious about the whole thing. Until you have such an experience, you don’t know the vastness of it’s power. Is not the whole thing true of God as well???

  2. As I read this poem and your other postings, I was very aware of the parallel between this and my relationship with God. I’m not a swimmer and always say as long as I can keep my head above water, I will be fine. This is so true with my God. Keeping my head above my struggles is hard to do and when I find myself drowning in the very rough times, I find I turn away from God – I’m so distant from the love of God that I’m so close to in good times. Why is this? When we need the comfort of God’s love the most, I become the sand that washes away under your feet – I’m no where to be found! I do know that over the past two years and especially last year with learning the Catholic faith and becoming closer to God in the process, I want to continue to test the waters of my faith, because I want to learn how,AS YOU SAY “fall into the arms of God” when I need Him the most. Father Marty,thank you so much for sharing your words of faith with us.

    • Absolutely…has much more to do with God than it does with swimming. I guess the question that I’m left with is, does God merely want us to keep my head above water, or does God want us to dive in, or, fall into His arms??? That’s the hard part, myself included.

  3. What a cool poem !!!
    I LOVED it!
    It spoke to me in so many ways, on so many levels…my relationship with God, with others and in new situations.
    The Ocean is so powerful and awesome, so beautiful yet so dangerous.
    A lot to think about…..

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