Radical Simplification

Did you know, that, during your entire life, your soul (God) is preparing you for a moment in time when it all falls apart?!? Yes, you read correctly, preparing us for that moment when it all falls apart, when home is no longer home, the things we thought were relevant no longer are, sometimes even people in our lives, preparing us for the great descent that so often scares the hell out of so many, that they choose not to accept the call. Of course, it is only after the fact that we begin to see how our previous experiences all fit into this descent and that the descent is really about finding God! So, we choose to stay where we are, with what we know and have been told we are, only to find out that it isn’t real; we become masters at what is not the true self. Yet, all of it, prepares us for that moment when we can let it go, begin the descent, and initiate the process of radical simplification. It is that stage in our lives where the whole world becomes our cocoon and we the wanderer, being called to a spiritual adventure like none other…

Unlike a caterpillar, though, who knows that it was always created for something more, we think we are is what we have been told, what we have heard, how we were mirrored in the development of our ego; and then one day, an awakening! It no longer makes sense, cocoon happens, and we begin to “see” who we really are, and what we were created to be. We may live believing that we have been called in one way, but when one chooses to seek the descent, there is no turning back, only a downward progression in order that our butterfly, or whatever it is we truly are, breaks forth and rises into the wellspring, finally becoming what we were created to truly be and do through the delivery of our soul.


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