A Small World

This is another post from my experience in the desert of New Mexico…


Have you ever had the experience that your world has gotten too small? When you “wake up” and you look around at all the “stuff” that has accumulated that there is no longer space to breathe; you want to tell yourself, “It’s all fake.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as we might think, but you realize that the world has gotten too small and God is calling you to something bigger in your life; the reality being, a bigger heart and a deeper soul. Of course, to make that cross to the other side, you realize a river stands in your way, not as an obstacle, but as a doorway into the bigger and wild world we call adulthood. Yet, it seems harder and harder to make that journey into the deep waters to the other side because the world wants us to believe the message that you don’t need to grow up, as a matter of fact, don’t grow up. Once we step into the water and begin the journey across, though, there is no turning back; we must say good bye to the old and enter into the dark world of unknown where God waits to speak, as a matter of fact, where it is God actually calls us. Believe it or not, it is the descent into hell that Jesus takes that we too are called to make, not in a bad way as we have made it out to be and something to be afraid of, but into the depths of our being where we can begin the transition from that small world into something bigger, and greater, than what we have become so accustomed to for so many years. At times, the world has seem much smaller to me; listening to politicians and even Church leaders at times, words seem empty, because deep down, the call from God is to leave all of that behind, make promise to be true to that soul call, and then live it faithfully into a world that reaches beyond the boarders of heaven and earth to the sacred that is a part of all.


6 thoughts on “A Small World

  1. Do you think that the descent into hell that one must take involves shedding one’s pride & arrogance?

    • Yes, or one’s ego. And I guess it would also not be about “getting rid of it” as much as coming to an understanding that it’s not the “real”, which many in the Western world do believe. It is a true conversion in one’s life.

  2. Is the “descent into hell…”, have to be literal in order for one to undergo a conversion? In other words, do you think one has to lose everything to see the light…whether from a material stand point or one shedding one’s ego? Step down to reclaim and step up into the light…the true light? God’s grace of redemption?

  3. I believe the paradox of it all is that it feels like a descent into hell, but in reality it is a finding of God in a deeper way, within the soul. I don’t think there is a set way as to how it happens, but is unique to the person, but does involve some kind of descent.

  4. Is the reason that this conversion….or finding God in a deeper way…is a “descent” because it means letting go and listening and trusting God more fully daily?

    • Yeah, I would say so; it would mean a trusting of that inner voice of God versus all the other voices that try to vie for our attention. It’s unfortunate that we have equated “descent” as being something bad or to be avoided because that’s really where we find the pearl we have been searching for. The paschal mystery: you must descent before you can rise.

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