From a distance you are filled with innocence.
White, frothy waters, streaming by,
thunderous crashing of falls.
A river at play, like a child,
wanting it’s own way.

Yes, a place to play,
but nonetheless, a place with power,
with determination,
demanding presence from us all.

But innocence you have taken, or so it seems.
That fateful day when the waters collapsed,
engulfed and trapped,
the filling of lungs with your precious cargo,
death knocked and then darkness; voices seeming distant,
calling my name to come out!

I have now grown older and we both are forever changed.
You, not even remembering that day; life has moved on,
your waters moving endlessly away.
And yet, for that moment, we were but one;
surrendering to your will gave me hope,
letting go gave me light,
at a moment when death seemed imminent,
you spit me out and offered me life.


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