Pilgrimage to See

I began this journey yesterday out of Cumberland, MD to see and witness this country in a way I have never done before, via the rails.  After just a few hours on the train, I quickly learned that this pilgrimage would require something else from me, that of patience.  Unlike flying or driving, when you’re on a train you never know what’s going to disrupt the travel…today it was heavy rains.  For several hours on the way to Chicago, which is one of the best cities I have ever visited, the train had to slow to 15mph because of flash flood warnings.  A trip that was supposed to take about 13 hours ended up taking close to 18 hours, and this is just the first leg of the trip!  So patience is the name of the game thus far but when it comes to “seeing” it often takes a great deal of patience on our part.  It often asks of us to step out of our comfort zone into a new environment in order to begin to see in a different way, in the way God sees, and so often in the people you encounter.  I was on my way into a gyro place this evening (I’m staying in Greektown) and was stopped by a homeless guy looking for food…that I am more than willing to do, and so I offered half of my dinner and off he went.  The people we encounter have a way of pulling at our hearts and stretching them to see in a bigger way; in the way God wants us to see.  So this pilgrimage continues tomorrow, off through some of the most breathtaking parts of our country, the great Midwest, the Rockies and further west to where the sun sets most vividly.  It is in the pilgrimage of life, of seeing, that God begins to reveal the true calling of life, the call to love.Image


One thought on “Pilgrimage to See

  1. This is your “way of st james” an extended retreat where your fellow retreatants will come and go, and some will touch your life. They are temples of the Incarnate God in all their beauty, loudness, annoyance, fragility, humanity. Safe travels.

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