Well, not really, but it started to happen internally on the ol’ Amtrak.  After nearly 30 hours of us on the train, it appeared that things were beginning to “come apart” and “derail” on the life of the train…all the drama and baggage we carry with us, well, comes along for the ride and as cabin fever began to settle in, it was fun to just sit back and watch it all unfold!  Honestly, I wasn’t involved!!  It really had to do with seating issues…you see, they don’t like you taking other seats even if there is an opening, or at least our attendant didn’t like us doing it.  Well, many of us did and it was beginning to get under her skin, and she was getting short with people, and things began to become unglued; understandable after 30 hours riding!  She was concerned about the passengers that would be getting on the train at the next stop, which was Salt Lake City, which was 7 hours away!!  Anyway, it was an interesting ride, and without internet, I’m left reflecting, listening, reading, and chatting with the “rail family” that takes shape over all those hours…a young woman who spent time in prison because of drugs, a gentleman who simply walked up and down the train, holding his pillow, the young rebels who insisted on smoking in the bathrooms, the young man from South Carolina who is into his second stint of college because he didn’t think business was for him, the young boy in front of me who couldn’t be quieted as he saw the great outdoors as we rode through the Rocky Mountains, which was absolutely spectacular!  So yeah, after all those hours, a little derailment is entirely possible with the cast of characters that God brought together on that ride.  I am now off the train and spending the day in Reno before heading to San Francisco tomorrow, but I know not at any other moment in history will all of us be together again.  I quickly learned that we are all searching for something in life and we all take different paths on getting there, with many detours along the way, whether it be Reno, Grand Junction, or any other stop along the way, the search continues for what gives meaning to life and for some forty-four hours, I had the opportunity to be a part of that search with many other people…who would ever expect not to have a few derailments along the way knowing we what we all carry, but it doesn’t stop the journey or the search for God in the midst of it all!


2 thoughts on “Derailed!

  1. Father Marty sounds like you’re having a wonderful time, not only seeing the beautiful scenery but, with the cast of characters God has surrounded you with. Keep writing. Enjoy the trip.

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