Carpe Diem

“Seize the Day”  I spent part of the train ride from Reno to The Bay Area of California watching Dead Poets Society which remains one of my all-time favorite movies; it has a way of impacting me like no other and believe it’s Robin Williams best movie.  He finds a way for the young men in the classroom to trust him and he in turn helps them find themselves and for what they are truly made of.  Carpe Diem was his rule of thumb; in the language of spirituality, live life in the present moment or even better, the Kingdom of God is at hand; it’s really the only place that we can experience God!  I had a few of those moments today.  First, in the Amtrak station in Reno where I witnessed a son sending his father off on the train, heading in my direction.  The father offered to help me carry a bag in since his son was carrying all of his, they sat and talked for awhile since the train was running late.  As the son was leaving they hugged and the father watched his son leave, all the way until he reached to top floor and was out of sight; it was a sight to be seen.  I also met an older couple on the train from New Zealand who are spending their “holiday” traveling by train in the US.  There son lives here and he offered to pay for the trip; they said it was one of the best experiences of their lives, and that says a lot, knowing their age. Lastly, upon arrive here in Berkeley (couldn’t see the Golden Gate today because of the fog) I had the chance to catch up with a friend of mine whom I have not seen since he moved out here from Baltimore; well, moments like that are hard to replace. Today was about seizing the day and the moment, witnessing the Kingdom of God, not only in these great people I encountered, but in the absolute beauty in God’s creation traveling through Sierra-Nevada, the mountains and lakes that accompany the orchestra that God has crafted.  Moving and stretching are the name of the game of hearts when we strive to go deeper into our souls and to live our lives as present as we can be in this world.  Each day I am trying to seize the moments in the relationships, both new and old, that have been encountered on this pilgrimage, so that I may see more clearly the love of God in my life in which I am called and in this world only God could have created.


2 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Carpe Diem! Carpe Diem! Sounds like you are fully conscious in your travels … Open to the possibilities … Living and loving life through total awareness and God’s many blessings. How wonder-filled!

  2. Dear Fr. Marty,
    Glad you are having such a wonderful experience and time of refreshment. God Bless! Ginny and Jim

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