Are You Aware of Where You’re Going?


Part of my time here in California has been visiting with a best friend of mine who moved here a few years back.  Tonight we were sitting outside a cafe (sipping on some hot chocolate during the last week of July; it’s like Fall weather here) noticing all the people walking by who had their eyes glued to a cell phone, texting, or with ear phones hooked into their ears.  It was more than we could count!  Before I go any further I have to say, I have been just as guilty, but it’s a little easier to observe it all when you watch others do it! I kept saying, “Look at everything they are missing!”  “There’s so much out there to see!”  And yet, we all at times get caught in the trappings of this world, that, in and of themselves are good, but also work as a distraction to us seeing where we are going?  It wouldn’t be good if we walked into oncoming traffic because we were busy texting someone!  When we can keep our heads up, looking, aware, in the moment, we can begin to see all the signs that are pointing us in the direction we are truly called to go and get us where we need to be.  It’s all right in front of our faces if we can just wake up and learn to read the signs and markings that are pointing us to the next destination.  When the horn rings twice on the Amtrak, you know it’s time to get back on or you’ll miss where you’re supposed to be, and you never know when the next train will arrive to get you there.  The challenge is trusting God enough to wake us from the lull that we at times allow ourselves to fall into in this world and see the signs leading us to where no train can take us but only by a God who can accomplish the impossible in our lives!  


2 thoughts on “Are You Aware of Where You’re Going?

    • no, they don’t stop singing, but unfortunately, we can’t hear them when we are distracted (regardless of what the distraction is); even they have something to teach us in this life and we at some point have to listen!

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