The Journey Home

If you’ve ever had the chance to study mythology, Scripture, or the works of the great Joseph Campbell, you understand that the hardest part of any journey is going home.  Yes, we anticipate our regular routines, sleeping in our own beds, and catching a shower, but the journey home is the most difficult in every other regards, if we’ve allowed the journey to change and impact our lives.  I have reached my furthest point West on this journey, spending these few days in the San Francisco Bay Area, before heading out on the train in the morning, but by a different route and with a few more stops along the way.  In all mythology and salvation history, the route home is often by a different way because you can never go home by the same route; it’s impossible to go home to what was because you are no longer in that place.  The Israelites so wanted to go back, Odysseus knew he couldn’t go back, and when we think we can, we are often sent into a spiral trying to get things back to the way they were, and we try, and we try, and nothing we do changes things and so we surrender ourselves to the new way, the new home, where the heart now resides, or by chance, maybe has always been in the first place, but now, as it often is in mythology, we now simply see it in a different way or more clearly.  Home truly is where the heart is, but it has nothing to do with a specific geographical location; it’s rather where we find Love, God; and when it is found, there’s no going back, home has changed.  This reality is one that fascinates me greatly, especially as a seeker, always looking for the more in life; and God never ceases to amaze me, but with each new finding and deeper understanding of the mystery before me, it gets harder and harder to go home because I know God continues to expand my view of the world, expand my love, expand my heart through the people and relationships that are placed before me, and resisting the fear of rejection, enter into, knowing that a piece of the puzzle lies within, for my God speaks through all means to reach me.  The journey home begins in just a day, and it will be difficult leaving, making amends along the way, preparing for death and birth, for the journey home is both, and with both come pain but also life when once again having the courage to say yes to God who calls me to that home that awaits.


One thought on “The Journey Home

  1. Anxious to hear how your time in the desert goes. As the song goes, “say a little prayer for me”.

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