Building a Cracked Dam

I’ve spent the past few days with some of my family in Virginia Beach.  Unfortunately, the surf was extremely rough and we were only allowed in the water up to our knees!  With the rough surf also meant stronger breaks along the shore, moving the beach line further inland.  It was somewhat amusing watching some of the kids on the beach digging holes and building “dams” to hold back the impending water.  Even where I sit at the moment of writing this, there is a large hole with a wall of sand in front of it, hoping it will be strong enough not to swallow up my personal belongings!  We do everything to protect what is of value to us while we are here on the beach—our cameras, books, the toys, and especially the kids, along with everything else we drag down there to the water.  All too often in our lives we do the same thing that is of most value, our hearts and souls, to protect them from harm, but ultimately from love, since the two somehow go hand-in-hand.  Yet, like at the beach, eventually the dam starts to erode, it’s not perfectly designed, it wears down, and the water slowly seeps in and eventually engulfs and consumes.  The other thing about the dam is, that more often than not, they are there to hold something back that is precious, but eventually circumstances in our lives begin to break it down so that the feelings and the love that is being held back, begins to break free.  Once they do, there’s no dam that will stop the love when it begins to flow, and not only are our lives consumed by it, but of everything around us.  We can do all that we want to protect and build the dam, but when the grace of God sees a crack forming in the surface, there’s no stopping and lives will be changed for nothing can separate us from the love we desire to experience and to share.


2 thoughts on “Building a Cracked Dam

  1. Building dams may result from the hurts we have experienced without explanation. Some dams are built when people shun someone or withhold the daily small courtesies we owe those around us. This is recognition as a person, with value, if not to you, at least to God, and to those who love him or her. The pain from these from these small (to you) actions, becomes the mortar for the foundation pad for the dam. Once begun, dam building will continue unless some conservationist of the soul realizes that this unnnatural conditon is confining the free flow of the person’s spirit; and opens the dam to allow the love we desire to experience and share to flow.

    We all contribute the mix for the mortar; when we are rude to, or ignore a co-worker, an employee, a neighbor, or a stranger; we deliver materials for that dam; and in a sense, we solidify our own dams at the same time.

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