Wings to Fly


For anyone interested in the journey to the soul, The Croods is a must see!  To begin, the Crood family spends a great deal of time living in fear, inside a cave.  Grug fears anything on the outside, while his daughter, Eep, is starting to feel confined by the cave and wants to set out on adventure realizing that there has to be more about life than survival.  There is much happening with seismic shifts, earthquakes, and destruction, which exemplifies the “leaving home” that the Croods will undertake.  At one point, in making the descent, Grug states the obvious that they can never go home the same way.  Not only was the dark cave destroyed behind them, but a new world has been opened up to each of them.  Their old way of life, survival of the fittest, was to come to an end.  They had to watch it happen to so many others and now it has finally caught up with them. The same can be said of us and our own descent to the soul; getting there and ascending out, both stages of initiation, are probably the most challenging for us because more than ever, they require a leap of faith.  Grug, while all the others are helped across the threshold, will have to go back and face the monsters of his life before he can cross over into the “new world”, seeming at times that he would never get where he wanted to be. He does everything in his power to not have to face the power and control that he once had,  and now had to be given up so that he could cross the threshold of life.  At that point, he his on his own; he, like us, has to face the bottom of our souls before we can ascend.  His life had become miserable while watching the rest experience the freedom while being led by the light of the sun out of the darkness.  The only guides in the process are the light and Guy, a young man who thrives on adventure and imagination who leads them to a whole new world of endless possibility.  The journey is by no means an easy one, but one that is necessary to experience the fullness of life.  There are many obstacles, seismic shifts, and at times, even feels like our lives are coming to an end on this journey, but in reality, it’s a death of what we wanted out of life rather than the one true gift the soul has to offer the world.  Like the Croods, it sometimes just happens to us; but will we fight it, like Grug, or surrender ourselves to the light and imagination of the endless possibilities that will lead us to not falling off the cliff into an endless abyss, but rather give us the wings to fly out towards the light that calls us?!?


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