Crucify Him!

Our reference point today, as we begin this holy week, is “the crowd”. “Let him be crucified” the crowd yells; the same crowd that yelled “Hosanna” as he entered Jerusalem. Yet, why is it even in our own lives that we encounter something, or for that matter, someone, that we don’t like, our immediate reaction is to destroy and tear them down? So often when we have such encounters when we feel anxious, afraid, being challenged, unsettled, threatened in some way, we react in such a way that destroys, crucifies as is the case with Jesus. Yet, it’s what we hear in this passion reading today. All of this stuff that the crowd, the religious leaders, the political leaders, and all that have gathered is then projected onto this guy Jesus, nailed to a cross, and crucified, quite honestly, for nothing he had said or done. But he doesn’t run from it and hide from the suffering that is being cast upon him, rather he walks through it. He walks through the leaders gathered, not reacting to their violence, “for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” He walks through the crowd gathered as they abuse and jeer, humiliate. He even walks through the disciples that have gathered and dispersed, out of their own fear and feeling threatened. He walks through knowing it’s the only way. When he tells the disciples early on, “follow me,” he meant even to this point. As we enter into this holy week celebration, where am I quick to crucify? Where do I react to people and things I don’t like, that challenge me, when I feel anxious and threatened inside, and very quick to nail them to the cross? What seems like utter humiliation and violence, and it is in it’s own way, God shows it’s a point of transformation. When I find myself ready to crucify others this week because of my own stuff within, see it for what it really is, a reference point of transformation…that what we nail to that cross this day and throughout this week can and will be transformed into the life that Easter promises.


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